NASW-Utah Board Leadership Nominations


Please fill out this form or email your nomination to with Board Nomination in the subject.

NASW-UT is encouraging YOU to give back to the profession you love by sharing your passion & ideas on the NASW-UT Board of Directors. NASW-UT Board members play a vital role in encouraging improvement and promote growth within the community and legislature. We are connected and involved with policy efforts, licensing, educational requirements, reimbursement, community support and networking, and much more. Please consider joining the NASW-UT Board and help us move forward and improve how we practice and the support we offer. 

Board service is a chance to grow personally and professionally, to develop valuable skills, gain unique experience and make lasting connections with other passionate and motivated social work professionals. Board service is a rare chance to help strategically improve the programs and services that we offer to our members, provides unique opportunities to expand your network, gain recognition, and have an impact on the social work profession and the community  around us.

The NASW-UT Board has identified four priorities they will focus on for the 2024-2025 board year.

Community Collaboration

Diversity and Inclusion

Chapter Growth


The NASW-UT board meets monthly from 3-5 PM on the second Thursday of the month. For now, we are all meeting virtually. We will likely meet in person in the future but will always offer a virtual option for those who are not able to attend live.

The time commitment on the board varies with each position. It can range between 2-5 hours a month. We work hard to try to be considerate of your time and complete projects and tasks within the board meeting itself. There are opportunities to attend meetings for topics such as policy and licensing but you are welcome to commit to those as your time allows.

The Call for Nominations opens every year between late March and early April. This is open to current NASW-Utah members.


NASW-UT requests that NASW-UT members apply for nominations to fill the following NASW-UT Board positions:

At-Large(3) (2-year term)

St. George Representative (2-year term)

Utah Country Representative (2-year term)

MSW Student Representative (1-year term)

BSW Student Representative (1-year term) 

Nomination & Leadership Committee(2-year term) (3 non-voting)

NASW-UT Advisory Board

The NASW-UT Advisory Board are non-voting positions within the board that are appointed by the NASW-UT board. If you are interested in being involved with any of these positions or committees please email a staff member, emails are at the bottom of the page: 

Tom Mulder Chair

Program Liaison (USU, WSU, UU, UVU, BYU)

Student Representatives (BSW and MSW from each school)

Nomination & Leadership Committee

Ethics Committee

Continuing Education Committee 

To nominate a colleague or yourself to serve on the Board of Directors of NASW-UT, please be sure to review the information below:

NASW-UT Chapter Charter

NASW-UT Board Priorities

NASW-UT Board Details 

NASW UT Nomination and Election Process 

Deadline for Nominations: May 30, 2024

Elections Open to members: June 5, 2024

Elections Close: June 10, 2024

New Board Members invited to attend the NASW-UT Board meeting in July 2024.

Please email either Katie ( with questions.