Autism Spectrum Disorders: Essentials for Social Workers

This session is an overview of classic and new research in autism spectrum disorder as it applies to family and individual services.   Screening and diagnostic best practices, evidence-based therapies, resources, and current issues will be presented along with video examples of the broad spectrum of autism symptom presentations.

I.  Epidemiology of Autism (Origins, Risk, and Prevalence)
II.  Screening and Diagnostic Best Practices
III.  Early Intervention
IV.  Evidence-Based Treatment
V.  Elementary, Secondary, and Higher Education
VI.  Transition and Employment
VII.  Family Supports.

Terisa Gabrielsen, PhD, NCSP, trained at the University of Utah in school psychology and autism.  She interned in Davis School District and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, then completed a post-doc at the Center for Autism Research in Philadelphia.  She conducts research in early identification, social skills, and interdisciplinary training in autism.