Branch Representative Job Description


In order to facilitate participation in chapter programs by members separated geographically, Branches may be established by the Utah Chapter in accordance with the Utah Chapter Bylaws and Standards. All members of the Utah Chapter shall be represented by a Branch Representative who may initiate programs of interest to members in his/her geographic territory. Branch Representatives are elected through written ballot by branch members for a two-year term. All standards applied to membership in the National Association shall apply to members of any Branch. The Utah Chapter and the Board of Directors may establish rules of procedure and define functions of the Branches. Branch representatives shall be responsible for keeping the Board of Directors informed of its program and plans.

Within limits of Chapter policy and limits prescribed by the Bylaws, the Branch shall be free to carry out its own program in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Continuing Education Committee. Branch Programs will include a minimum of one meeting in conjunction with Chapter Professional Education Forum. Branch activities shall be coordinated with the Chapter. Branch Representatives are members of the Board of Directors.

Branches are encouraged to retain NASW members and to actively recruit new members into the Chapter through branch meetings. Only NASW members may be voting Branch members.
DUTIES OF BRANCH REPRESENTATIVES: (Northern, Salt Lake, Utah County and Southern Branches)
1. Attends all board meetings (approximately six per year) and the Leadership Training in June or July
2. Attendance at NASW events including one or more of the NASW workshops held in the spring or fall (i.e. Professional Education Series)
2. Coordinates Branch meetings -- set dates, agendas, and speakers at least three months in advance and submits the information to the Chapter office for mailings
3. Orients the Branch membership to the goals of the Chapter and plan Branch goals that are consistent with Chapter priorities so that the entire organization is strengthened by the Branch and Chapter working together. Coordinates with Executive Director before planning major meetings or workshops to assure that no conflict exists with Chapter activities
4. Assures that all Branch funds and financial records are maintained in Chapter office
5. Uses Branch for social action during the legislative session to make phone calls and write letters to inform legislators about the Utah Chapter concerns
6. Obtains print-outs of NASW members from Branch geographic area for telephone and mail contacts
7. Submits Branch meeting dates for the Utah News two months in advance