Job Description

The President-Elect is elected, in odd-numbered years, to a one-year term of office. This is followed by a two-year term as President. The President-Elect should work closely with the President to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of that office, to become familiar with the organization and the structure and activities of the National Organization and the Utah Chapter, and may chair Ad Hoc Committees as needed at the request of the President. The President-Elect is Chairperson of the Professional Education Series.
It is expected that the President-Elect will attend all Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings. The President-Elect is required to attend the NASW Annual Leadership Meeting in DC. The President-Elect should begin preparing his/her vision for the presidency and the Utah Chapter based on members' feedback through the Chapter survey. The President-Elect should work closely with the Treasurer to become familiar with Chapter finances.

The President is elected, as President-Elect, in odd numbered years. A one-year term as President-Elect is followed by a two-year term as President. The President presides at meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
Within the framework of a volunteer leadership, the organization has vision and the President is responsible for sharing this with the Board and the membership and to incorporate this vision into a larger aggregate corporate vision. The organization of the state Chapter is an entity -- it exists, conducts business, has a personality, is visible in the community, takes positions on issues, expresses opinions, and operates from a value base.

  1. Attend all board meetings.
  2. Attend one or more workshops during the Professional Education Series
  3. Check email regularly and respond to Chapter office requests, written or verbal, within 2-3 business days.
  4. Consistent with National mission and Chapter goals, provide leadership and direction to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  5. Assume ex-officio membership of all Branches, Program Units and Committees
  6. Represent the Board of Directors between meetings and report to the Board on interim activities.
  7. Appoint the chairpersons of all committees and other organizational units responsible to the Board and whose selection is not otherwise provided by the Bylaws; these appointments shall be subject to Board approval.
  8. Work with Executive Director in handling correspondence and mailings related to Chapter business, when appropriate
  9. Is visible in the community as well as in the profession, as Chapter President, furthering the identity of the organization within the state
  10. Work with Executive Director to identify issues for the year and to set Board priorities for the orientation and strategic planning for goal setting.
  11. Work with Executive Director in preparing the Board agendas.
  12. Confer with the Executive Director on a weekly basis.
  13. Attend NASW Annual Leadership Meeting in DC during first year as President and chair Chapter’s delegation to Delegate Assembly   
  14. Attend national conferences as appropriate and financially feasible.
  15. Responsible for the orientation of the President-Elect, which is an ongoing process throughout the year
  16. Assist with the planning of the Professional Education Series
  17. Work with Executive Director in conducting new board member orientation
  18. Oversee search for new Executive Director, when needed
  19. Coordinate Executive Director's annual performance evaluation
  20. Work with the Nominating Committee to recruit new board members
  21. Act as an alternate spokesperson for the organization
  22. Periodically consult with board members on their roles and help them assess their performance
  23. Write articles for NASW News

The President is responsible for ensuring that all vacancies are filled, either through Chapter elections or presidential appointment.