Licensing Exam Prep Materials

We offer exam preparation materials for both the bachelors and master's-level exams. 

Master's-Level Social Work Licensing Exam Study Guide 2019 revisions

The NASW, Utah Chapter offers a master's-level preparation book for sale--the same one that we use in our annual licensing preparation course. 

Content Areas:

  • Human Development, Diversity, and Behavior in the Environment
  • Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention/Treatment Planning--Updated to reflect DSM-5 AND Changes to the NASW Code of Ethics
  • Direct and Indirect Practice/Psychotherapy, Clinical Interventions and Case Management

In addition, the book includes information on social work licensing in Utah, continuing education requirements, and self-assessment scales to gauge individuals' exam readiness. Also included in the preparation book is a series of practice questions with answers and explanations, as well as a 63 question Mini Practice Exam.


  • NASW members: $110
  • Nonmembers: $120


*Please note: To receive the member price, you will need to log in. It takes about 24 hours for new members' profiles to be loaded to our website, so if you need to get your book immediately after joining please contact the Utah NASW office at (801) 583-8855

Bachelor's-Level Social Work Licensing Exam Study Guide

Please contact  Licensing Exam Preparation Services' (LEAP)

They have an excellent bachelor's-level preparation book, which contains the following content:

  • BACHELORS Study Guide: 300+ pages of in-depth content review of EVERY content area
  • Includes 170 challenging practice questions with detailed answer rationale, plus a bonus
    30 question mini-exam
  • Updates to books are completed at least once per year
  • All materials are written by SOCIAL WORKERS who have taken the exams
  • Study guide chapters correspond with EVERY content area of the exam
  • Practice questions consist of vignettes and qualifying words (e.g. best, next)
  • Highest pass rates of any study guide on the market (94%-95%)

Licensing Preparation Resources

The following is a list of companies that provide preparation materials for the ASWB-administered social work licensing exams.  NASW Utah Chapter does not endorse any of these companies but offers this list as a service to its members.  This is not a comprehensive list but does name some of the better-known companies.

1. Licensing Exam Preparation Services (LEAP)

2. Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)

2. Social Work Examination Services

3. Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences

4. Social Work Guide

5. Social Work Exam

6. Academic Review

7. Therapist Development Center

8Social Work Test Prep

9. The One Test Prep

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