Tools to Help You and Your Clients "Show Up, Be Seen, and Live Brave"

This workshop will be based on the work of Dr. Brene Brown, who has studied vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness for the last decade.  It will provide clinicians with tools to begin to build their own shame resiliency and to more effectively address shame in their work with clients.

Outline Excerpts:

    • What is Keeping you Small?
    • Understanding Shame
    • Shame in the Therapy Room
    • Shame Resilience Model
    • Recognizing Shame and Triggers
    • Practicing Critical Awareness
    • Reaching Out
    • Speaking Shame
    • Empathy and Self Compassion
    • Wholehearted Living

Kristie Lemmon, APRN, PMHNP-BC, CDWF, is a family psychiatric nurse practitioner currently in private practice.  She has completed certification in Brene Brown's Daring Way(TM) program and is a Certified Daring Way(TM) Facilitator.  She has been practicing in the mental health field for over 15 years and values learning research-based techniques that can help her clients live a wholehearted life.