Utah Mentorship Program

Mentor Program Overview

The purpose of the NASW-UT Mentor Program is to provide early career social workers with opportunities to connect with experienced clinical and macro professionals who are committed to fostering their personal and professional growth. It is a service provided by NASW members who wish to offer support in the development of newer colleagues who seek the guidance of seasoned colleagues. The program is intended to help the mentee identify with the profession and provide opportunities to discuss job-related issues, resumes and career concerns, licensure and testing, as well as dealing with the challenges and demands of the social work profession.  Mentorship is a purposeful, conscious, voluntary relationship. Participation is no-fee and voluntary.

Looking for a Mentor?

Mentees are social work students in their last semester of graduate studies or newer professionals, with up to 2 years of experience practicing social work, who seek the guidance and support of a seasoned colleague in their professional development. It is the responsibility of the Mentee to initiate contact with his/her mentor. NASW-UT Members: Pick up an application from the NASW office or email naswemail@yahoo.com requesting an application. Applications can be turned into the NASW office in person, emailed, or faxed. Space is very limited so get your application in early.    

Looking to be a Mentor?

Mentors are NASW members in good standing, maintain a license to practice social work in Utah if practicing clinically, have more than 3 years of clinical and/or macro practice experience, have demonstrated expertise in social work, and are willing to share their experience with social workers in their pursuit of professional development.  Mentoring is not supervision. Participants are expected to uphold the principles and standards put forth by the NASW code of Ethics. 

Mentor Guidelines


Must have more than 3 years post-masters work experience, must be licensed if practicing clinically, and a member of the National Association of Social Workers, Utah Chapter.  Mentors may be currently practicing or retired social workers in micro or macro work. To apply, contact the Utah NASW office at 801-583-8855 or naswemail@yahoo.com.


Notify Chapter Staff that Mentee has made a connection and update on Mentoring status. (For example, primary conversation completed, first meeting date determined and completed, any problems/concerns.)

Commit to a 2 meeting minimum with the assigned Mentee. Meetings need not be in person and maybe via telephone or email.  Establish regular contact with the mentee (recommended minimum: twice/year). Mentor and mentee should agree upon the frequency of contacts, the duration of these contacts, and the parameters of the relationship itself.  

Discuss with the mentee issues of the social work field and any possible concerns/questions related to the mentee’s job or job search.

 Keep the mentee abreast of NASW Utah Chapter activities and encourage participation when appropriate.

 Recommend and recruit new mentors.

Understand that the mentor/mentee relationship is not a substitute for or the equivalent of supervision, as defined in Utah Code.

How Matches Are Determined:

The Chapter staff reviews the online database and matches applicants based on the mentee’s interests and needs and the mentor’s experience.  When possible, matches will be made based on specific requests for a particular mentor or mentee.

Click here to download the mentor/mentee application.

If you have any questions about the mentor program please contact the NASW office at (801) 583-8855 or naswemail@yahoo.com.