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Supervision Certification Training

Supervision certification for those wishing to cross supervise between mental health professions.

This event will be in person and live streamed.

On the right it will say in person or external course. Please be sure you are registering for the correct delivery type.

The event will be 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Lunch will be provided for those in person.

In-Person at Sheraton SLC registration: LINK

Live Stream registration: LINK

Naomi Spencer, LCMHC
Introduction to Clinical Supervision
Presentation Summary:  This presentation will provide an overview of Utah's DOPL rules related to clinical supervision, supervisor liability, structure of supervision, diversity-centric supervision, and roles and responsibilities of clinical supervisors.  

Ellen Behrens, Ph.D., L.P., LCMHC
Ethical Issues in Supervision:  Part 1

Presentation Summary:  This presentation will provide an overview of the ethical codes related to social work and clinical mental health counseling practice.  And, it will present an ethical decision-making model that will be illustrated with a supervision case.  

Doran Williams, LCSW
Ethical issues in supervision:  Part 2

Presentation Summary:  The presentation will focus on ethical "hot topics" in clinical supervision such as confidentiality of supervision, multiple relationships, assessing competence, gatekeeping, and informed consent for supervision.

David Derezotes, Ph.D., LCSW
Models of Supervision

Presentation Summary:   This presentation will discuss the leading models of clinical supervision.  Attendees will be encouraged to select a model to shape their practice of supervision.  

Anna Lieber, LCMHC & Christina Zidow, LCSW
Best practices in supervision

Presentation Summary:  This presentation will focus on a wide variety of best practices in clinical supervision such as supervision contracts and disclosure statements, summative and formative feedback, crisis/risk management, as well a guidelines for  initiating, maintaining and monitoring supervision. 

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