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"We Should Break Up, Right?"; Ethical Considerations for Supporting Your Individual Clients Who Are Struggling In Relationships


As therapists, we frequently support our individual clients with the pains and stressors of their most important relationships. Romantic relationships, because of their unique nature, can feature prominently in our work with individual clients. If we aren't careful, however, a whole host of tendencies, both clinical and human, can push us into unethical places as we strive to support our individual clients in their work. Thankfully, with a few guiding frames, we can be sure to support our client both fully and ethically. While this workshop is specifically geared towards individual clients in romantic partnerships, there is also applicable information for clients navigating family and community relationships.


Jess Cleeves, LCSW

Jess Cleeves' practice specializes in supporting high-challenge partnerships to stabilize and thrive. As a PACT Level 2 therapist, Jess has the opportunity to consult with many individual therapists about individuals in the partnerships she supports. These conversations have been powerful revelations about how individual therapists can help or hurt their individual clients who are struggling in their primary romantic relationships. 



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