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Healing Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse with EMDR
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Healing Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse with EMDR

Virtual - Live/Interactive

"Unlock the Power of Healing from Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse: Join us as we explore Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse recovery, expertly integrate EMDR, and equip yourself to guide clients through transforming negative spiritual/religious beliefs into newfound strength and healing."


This training program is designed for EMDR therapists seeking to expand their expertise in healing Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse using EMDR therapy. Through this comprehensive training, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the elements of religious/spiritual trauma and how religions can impact individuals and families. Participants will learn how to effectively integrate EMDR into each stage of the EMDR treatment. The program will also explore the negative cognitions and belief systems that often emerge from Religious Trauma experiences, equipping therapists with the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate healing and recovery in their clients.

12/15/23 - 9 AM MOUNTAIN TIME





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