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Kyle Northam
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Empathy and Healing: Navigating Trauma through a Trauma-Informed Lens?

NASW Utah Chapter

Presented by: Vonda Jump-Norman, PhD 

  1. Participants will be able to discuss the concept of trauma, provide examples, and understand the impact of trauma.
  2. Participants will understand more about the normal developmental process of brain development and the brain’s response to trauma
  3. Participants will assess individual and organizational practices that support recovery for individuals who have experienced trauma.

Dr. Vonda Jump Norman is an Associate Professor in Social Work at the Brigham City campus of Utah State University. She has a strong interest in promoting positive parent-child relationships and the optimal development of children impacted by adversity. She is also an Executive committee member of the Utah Coalition for Protecting Childhood, worked as a consultant with ZERO TO THREE’s Military Projects on trauma, grief, and loss issues, and is a ZERO TO THREE Fellow. She is married with one daughter and 2 young grandsons. She loves trail running, skiing, hiking, biking, trying to garden, and spending two days a week caring for her grandsons.



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