"A Voice for the Voiceless"

Join NASW-Utah on Friday, March 10th for our Annual Conference. 
This event is hybrid so we will be in person and streaming virtually.
This year our theme is, "A Voice for the Voiceless" We will cover topics such as: Homelessness, Substance Abuse, Aging, Corrections, Juveniles, Chronically Ill, Medically Underserved, & BIPOC.
With 7 CEU hours including keynotes on Suicide Prevention & Ethics.
More details coming soon!

2023 Registration HERE

This page will be updated as we get closer to the event. The below is from last year.

This page will include all necessary information to access the NASW-Utah Spring Conference. We will update it as this information because available.

  • Links to live stream & recording (schedule below)
  • Certificate information - Scroll down for the conference form/survey to fill out once the conference is completed.
    • CEU - You will fill out the at form/survey at the bottom of this page once the conference is over. Once we receive your form and verified your attendance we will issue you a certificate. We appreciate your patience as there are lots of people joining us! Once we have the recorded sessions available we will email you access (hopefully within 60 days). Once you view them, you will receive a separate certificate for each course you watch recorded.
  • Presentations - If we are able to share the presentations, you can access them in HERE.

Please be aware that if you are attending virtually, we will ask you to check-in regularly on the chat to verify your attendance. In order to receive the real-time interactive credits, you will need to attend the virtual conference live.

If you are attending in person, you are welcome to arrive between 8-9 AM to check-in.
Parking is $5 for the day and is on the east side of the Sheraton.
The conference is at The Sheraton SLC.
We will have a light breakfast, snacks, and a buffet lunch!

In order to receive your certificate, you will need to complete the survey at the bottom of this page. Once submitted, we will verify your attendance and issue your certificate. 

Thank you for joining us on Friday, we hope you enjoy the presentations and join us at future NASW-Utah events!


9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

  • "What Makes Social Work, SOCIAL WORK?" (1.5 Ethics CEUs) - Kristin Lambert, DSW, LCSW - MAIN ROOM
  • "Behavioral Health Disparities and What to do." (1.5 CEUs) - Eric Yoshio Jesús Tadehara, LCSW, MPA - ROOM 2

10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

  • "Addressing Suicide From the Person-in-Environment and Social Justice Perspectives." (1.5 Suicide Prevention CEUs) - David Derezotes, LCSW, PHD - MAIN ROOM
  • "Mindfulness: Recognize, Recover, Rebuild" (1.5 CEUs) - Trinh Mai, LCSW - ROOM 2

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

  • Lunch and CEU presentation - "Micro-Sourced Wisdom, Macro-Level Impact: How can Social Workers in Clinical Practice Influence Policy." - Rebecca Chavez-Houck, MPA; Erin Jemison, MPA; Elizabeth Garbe, MSW; Annika Hunt, LCSW - MAIN ROOM

1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

  • Ethics II (1.5 CEUS) - "Demystifying the Division of Occupation and Professional Licensing: A History of Violations & The Lessons Learned." - Tammer Attallah, MBA, LCSW, and Jennifer Falkenrath, BSFC, MLS - MAIN ROOM
  • "LGBTQ+ Equity, Diversity, Inclusion: “Somewhere” Over the Rainbow." (1.5 CEUs) - Charles P. Hoy-Ellis, PhD, MSW, LCSW - ROOM 2

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

  • Suicide II - "Suicide Prevention, Equity and Justice and Public Safety: How Social Work and Law Enforcement Professionals Intersect for Shared Community Response." (1.5 CEUs) - Dr. David Parker, PhD, M.Ed, BSW; Detective Benjamin Jensen; Karen Montaño, LCSW; Nichole Cunha, LCSW; Chief Jeff Carr; John Evans, LMFT; Teighlor Kodel, CSW - MAIN ROOM
  • "Sexual Competency in the Therapeutic Setting." (1.5 CEUs) - Maria Skedros, LCSW, CST - ROOM 2



NASW-Utah Spring Conference - Completion Survey

Complete this survey once the conference has finished and your attendance is complete. Once you submit this survey, we will verify your attendance and issue you a certificate.