Front Porch Series Intro

Front Porch Series: Spirituality and its Role in Mental Health

Follow these steps to complete this course and receive your CEUs: 

o Read the nine essays contained in this course. Read each one of them twice. The first time you read them, read with the perspective of your experience and beliefs about your own spirituality. Then, the second time you read the essays, view them with the lens of your professional self and your service to clients.

o Complete the online quiz at the end of the course. You must have 15 out of 18 questions correct to receive the verification for 4.0 CEU’s. You may retake the quiz if needed.

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Each essay is used by the permission of the author(s) of the essay. All materials are copyrighted. None of the material can be reproduced in any manner without permission. For permission to copy any of the materials, make a written request to: Emily Bleyl, executive director, UT-NASW, U of U, College of Social Work #229, 395 S. 1500 E., SLC, UT 84112.

This Front Porch CE Module was funded by a grant from the Kansas United Methodist Health Ministry Fund and produced by the Kansas Chapter, National Association of Social Workers.

The views contained in this collection of essays are the views of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Kansas Chapter, National Association of Social Workers or the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund."

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