Nominating Committee Job Description


Members of the Nominating Committee are elected on a rotating basis to a two year term of office. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is selected by the members of the committee, subject to approval of the Board. Although the Chair is not a member of the board, s/he gives regular updates to the Board and should be actively involved in Board activities.

The Committee shall prepare a double slate for all elected offices in which there are vacancies and submit a report to the membership in the Utah Chapter News following the annual election of Chapter officers. The Nominating Committee shall also submit recommendations for national elected offices when requested. The Nominating Committee has the responsibility to orientate and educate prospective candidates regarding the elected position they are considering and to help these individuals understand the functioning of the Board and their role. The Nominating Committee also serves as the Awards Committee for the Annual Chapter Awards and is expected to be present at Professional Education Series meetings.

1. Attend all board meetings (approximately six per year) and the Leadership Training in June or July
2. Attendance at NASW events including one or more of the NASW workshops held in the fall (i.e. Professional Education Series)
3. Complete tasks according to the established timeline