Help us understand and define our work in support of EDI.

We are committed to the EDI statement of NASW. You can read that statement here: link

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Section 1

The purpose of the NASW-Ut chapter is to safeguard and promote the profession of Social Work in the State of Utah. In order to do that, we need a Board of Directors that represents social workers across UT.  The Board of Directors is a volunteer Board that meets an average of 4 hours per month, usually during standard working hours.

Section 2

While NASW-UT's role is to advocate for the profession of Social Work, we are also dedicated to the promotion of social justice ideals as outlined in our Code of Ethics. We understand that Social Workers have unique perspectives and passions when it comes to making meaningful changes in their communities. We are exploring ways to better connect Social Workers who are committed and knowledgeable to form a more powerful, effective network for activism. Particularly, we are focusing on how NASW-UT can better facilitate community organizing around issues of Equity,Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).